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Dr. BR Ambedkar (1891-1956)

In the back Dr. op of the idea of social justice the relevance of Dr. BR Ambedkar stands. Dr. Ambedkar left an indelible mark on social, political and intellectual life of modern India. His struggle for social justice and political equality has remained the key stone of the entire edifice of Indian democracy.

He was the protagonist of a new social order. His views on social issues like caste, untouchability and women constitute the foundation of his socio-political ideas. His own experience in life and his intellectual faculty made him skeptical about the Hindu religion and its social order. His pragmatism and idealism prompted him to work for a new social order based on social justice so that the future of India democracy would be strong and stable.


Though scholars have highlighted much his role as a messiah of the depressed classes in India but a study of his contribution to create a modern Indian polity and his role to strengthen its unity and integrity has been rare.

Ambedkar’s contribution to the development of inclusive policies during the British rule and is illumination into the policy of reservation in the Constituent Assembly merits special focus. Significantly, Ambedkar’s writing incorporate core issues relating to exclusionary nature of Indian society and its implications; constitutional reforms; political and electoral representation; fair share in employment and education; safeguards against social discrimination and economic exploitation; and post-constitution reforms and policies. In fact, he was one of the architects of modern Indian republic.