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As revealed through the Logo of the College, we realize it necessary for the perfection of human society that there should be men who devote their lives to contemplation.

(This Self is not attained through discourses, nor through the intellect, nor through much hearing. It is attainable only by him who wishes to attain It with his whole heart. To such a one, this Self reveals Its own nature.)

As a component of University, we hold it as our Mission Statement that a University, with all its components, is an association of persons, locally situated, engaged in caring for and attending to the whole intellectual capital which composes a civilization. It is concerned not merely to keep an intellectual inheritance intact, but to be continuously recovering what has been lost, restoring what has been neglected, collecting together what has been dissipated, repairing what has been corrupted, reconsidering, reshaping, reorganizing, making more intelligible, reissuing, and re-investing. In principle, it works undistracted by practical concerns; its current directions of interest are not determined by any but academic considerations, the interest it earns is all reinvested.