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UGC DrAmbedkar Studies Centre, Vidyant Hindu PG College, University of Lucknow organised a National Seminar on ‘Dr BR Ambedkar: Perspectives of Social Justice’ on March 142011 at RaiUmanathbali Auditorium, Quiserbagh, Lucknow. This seminar was a culminating event of all programmes held earlier under the auspices of the Centre.
Suggested sub-themes of the seminar were:

  1. Social Justice: Theoretical Perspectives (including traditional and modern perspectives of social justice)
  2. Social Justice: Socio-cultural Perspectives
  3. Social Justice: Political Perspectives and the Perspective of Nation Building
  4. Social Justice: Economic and Developmental Perspectives
  5. Social Justice: Historical Perspectives
  6. Social Justice: Feminist Perspectives
  7. Social Justice: Subaltern Perspectives
  8. Social Justice : Environmental Perspectives
  9. Perspective on Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies

There were four sessions in the Seminar. A detailed description of these sessions and names of paper-presenters are as follows:
Inaugural Session
Lighting of Lamp, Floral Offerings, Manglacharan

Inaugural Address

: Prof B Hanumaiah
  Vice ChancellorBabasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow

Keynote Address

: Prof A Ramaiah 
  Chairperson, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, School   of Social Sciences, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

On Chair

: Dr Amalendu Dutta
  PresidentManaging Committee, Vidyant Hindu PG College, Lucknow

Technical Session I

Social Justice: Economic and Feminist Perspectives

On Chair

: Prof A Ramaiah 
  Chairperson, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, School   of Social Sciences, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


: Dr DNNS Yadav, Department of Law, University of Lucknow

Paper Presenters

: Dr Shura Darapuri
  Department of History, Himachal University, Shimla


: Dr ChitwanVerma
  Department of English, Sri JNPG CollegeLucknow


: Dr Bharti Pandey
  Department of Economics, Sri JNPG CollegeLucknow


: Dr Manjula Upadhyay 
  Department of Econmics, AP Sen Girls PG CollegeLucknow

Technical Session II

Social Justice: Socio-Politico-Economic  Perspectives

On Chair

: Prof Kameshwar Choudhury, Dean, School for  Ambedkar Studies,  Babasaheb   BhimraoAmbedkar University, Lucknow

Paper Presenters

: Dr Sanjay Singh
  Department of Sociology, Dr RML National Law  University, Lucknow


: Dr Ripusudan Singh
  Department of Political Science, Babasaheb Bhimrao  Ambedkar University,   Lucknow


: Dr LC Mallaiah
  Department of Economics, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University,   Lucknow


: Dr Dharam Kaur
  Principal,  Vidyant Hindu PG  College,   Lucknow

Valedictory Session

Valedictory Address

: Prof AP Tiwari
  Department of Economics, Dr Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University,   Lucknow

On Chair

: Prof RK Dixit, Department of Political Science, University of Lucknow



 Seminar was a great success as participation in the event was extensive but focused. Out of about 270 delegates, 70 presented their papers on various sub-themes of the seminar.